Tuesday, July 26, 2011

1953 Topps... Yes '53

A couple of months ago, my Dad mentioned to one of our managers that his son collects baseball cards.
"I think I have a cigar box of cards somewhere in my house. The guy that I bought it from left a bunch of old crap behind.", said the manager.
For about two months now, I have been sort of bugging the guy to bring them in for me to look at.
"They're in a closet that I never use, behind a love seat that is piled with stuff. I will get in there sometime. Cool your jets.", was the answer after the 10th time bringing it up.
Today, my Dad was visiting our store where this guy works. I get a text message from him. it's got a pic attached. Yup. A nearly mint 1953 Dom DiMaggio. Looks like the guy brought in the cigar box. I'm heading down there Thursday. No, not to look at cards. I was scheduled to go there anyway. Not that it wouldn't be worth the 1 1/2 hour drive to get my hands on some '53's.
I will post more about this cigar box when I see what's in there.

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  1. It's too hot to be April Fools Day, right? Good luck!