Saturday, July 30, 2011

1953 Glendale Meats

The amazing cigar box had three unique cards. The Glendale Meats Company distributed cards in packages of hot dogs. And you thought a gum stain was bad!

This 28 card Detroit Tigers set was part of a contest. On the back of the cards, at the bottom, it reads, "save and collect these cards. Mail them in, all at one time. 3 First Prizes and 150 other valuable prizes for most cards sent in." It kind of makes me wonder what Glendale Meats did with all the cards that were sent back in...
You can see the tagline at the bottom of the card, PREMIUM QUALITY MEATS. This is 1953 Detroit we're talking about here. Quality?
Bill Wight. The back says he was acquired from Boston along with Walt Dropo and Johnny Pesky.
Ray Herbert. The back says he was a product of Detroit Catholic Central High and sand lot baseball. A product of sand lot baseball! How awesome.
Steve Souchock. Hit 30 home runs for Sacramento in the PCL in 1950.

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