Friday, June 10, 2011

Preparing for the Sports Card Show

Last night, with a lot of help from my daughter and her boyfriend, I got just about everything priced for the card show tomorrow. When I did my first show, I asked Chris at Stale Gum and Dayf at the Cardboard Junkie what are do's and don'ts for sellers. Among all the good advise was one common MUST DO, price everything. I did it the last time, and I will be doing it again. When you get to my table, there will be no wondering what something costs.
Details about the show are at the link just under my header.
I will have one 8 foot table to display my cards. It will be loaded. Mostly with baseball cards, and a few football cards. 
If you're in West Michigan on Saturday, stop by and see me.


  1. Good luck. I would have actually loved to swing over there this weekend and just might have done so except it's our last weekend before the move.

    No, I'm not packing but taking our daughter for one last visit to Brookfield Zoo.

  2. Good luck!

    Agree 100% on the "price everything".

    And don't have a Beckett Price Guide anywhere in sight.

  3. Are those a couple Norm Cash cards I see? If they don't sell set em' aside for me and we'll work out a trade haha.

  4. I'll be there with bells on. Well, not really, because people that say that don't actually do it. I guess you might think of them as theoretical bells.