Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Little Sproles /25

Knocked out another 2010 Topps Magic Relic card. Snagged this from Beckett's Marketplace for just under $10 bucks shipped. If you're a set builder, check out their site. I have found some cards that I have needed at prices better than eFee.
This one is one of the better looking cards from this set I have seen. The color scheme works well for me. I wouldn't bother you all with these boring posts about one lowly old jersey card acquisition, but these bad boys are numbered to only 25.
If you're still here, I will be posting about my completed 2005 UD origins Game Used Jersey set in a day or two. I was finally able to track down the Nolan Ryan card that I needed. Stay tuned.

OK. If you're still here after that rather weak plug for an upcoming post, you might want to settle in for a Detroit Tiger rant.
Ryan Raburn is having a horrible season. He can't hit for shit. He is a player without a position. He has been plugged in at 2nd base, because A) Dave DUMBrowski went into the season without a 2nd sacker and B) Leyland wants his bat in the line-up. This worthless baseball player is among the league leaders in strike outs and errors. I don't know if I am more pissed at Raburn for sucking so bad, or Leyland for continuing to pencil Raburn's name on the line-up card. Incredibly, there is a forum site dedicated to Raburn's suckitude.  I understand that every team can't have a Chase Utley or Ian Kinsler, but damn, how about a Placido Polanco type? See how infuriating the 2nd base thing has gotten? WE HAD POLANCO! HE'S STILL PRODUCTIVE! Adding fuel to the fire, Brandon Inge and his .211 average are rehabbing in Toledo. He should rejoin the team and provide some needed punch to the... pf...ppfha...pfffhahahaha! I couldn't keep a straight face. You want to know what statement pisses me off? "He has a good track record." Who the hell cares? These guy are hitting a paltry .200. Fire their asses! Trade their asses! I don't give a shit where you send these stiffs. Just stop writing their names in the line-up. Idiot.

Thanks for reading.


  1. first, nice Sproles card. It's a good thing the set is /25, because that's about as many swatches as you can get out of a Sproles jersey.

    second, how'd you like to have the league's best 2nd baseman... an All Star, and he wins a batting title. He played so well that the next season................ they moved him to left field.

    This is my life as a Braves fan.

  2. Martin Prado the best 2nd baseman?

    Chase Utley scoffs at that.

  3. Oh, and that Sproles is awesome.