Sunday, June 5, 2011

Group Break Recap

I was in on the group break over at Cardboard Heaven a couple of weeks ago. I had the Detroit Tigers and the Pittsburgh Pirates. Camclow opened a bunch of different product, so I have a bunch of new additions to my collection. Here's what I got;
Odd looking Magglio Chrome. Not because it's bent to hell, but because of the dumb image they picked for him. Tossing his helmet after a strikeout? The Perry is #'d /999
One of the brightest stars in the National League. I hope the Pirates can hang onto 'Cutch. A Bowman Gold parallel shows him scratching his back with a bat.
A set of foil cards from Bowman Sterling. Pretty in hand, ugly in scan.

A couple of Gypsy Queen inserts. Both Pirates.
The rest of the GQ's

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  1. I like your Bowman Gold of Cutch. Let me see what I've got, that is if you're interested in trading it.