Friday, May 20, 2011

A Thought About Inter-League Play

2011 Topps Heritage Neil Walker #353 & Jhonny Peralta #173
Watching the Tigers play the Pirates tonight reminds me of my summer trip of 2006. Back in '06, the sewingmachinedad, the sewingmachineboy, and I went to Pittsburgh to see the Tigers play the Pirates. We arrived at the park early, and had time to play catch down by the river. It was a beautiful day. The park in Pittsburgh is gorgeous. There are monuments and statues all around the stadium. It was so much fun. The Tigers beat the Pirates 7-6 that day. Chris Shelton and Marcus Thames went yard for the Tigers.
This statue of Pops is near the left field entrance to the park. There is a Clemente too that is very well done.
On our way to Cleveland to see the Indians play the Yankees, we stopped in Cooperstown for a couple of days.
The Hall-of-Fame was the highlight of Cooperstown. The whole town is sort of like a time warp back into the golden age of baseball. There is a quaint small town Norman Rockwell feel to the place. I can't wait to go back.

Interleague play. I don't like it. Even though we incorporated a trip to a National League park in our trip of a lifetime, I don't like it. The Tigers make one trip to Rogers Center to play the Blue jays this year. One. There's something wrong here. Rivalries can not be fostered unless a team is in the same division. The Tigers and Blue Jays had a great rivalry. You know how many games the Tigers play in Fenway? Two. That's it... two lousy games. That sucks. They play three in Coors Field for Pete's sake!  I'm not saying get rid of it all together. Just cut it down. Fewer games.

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  1. Dave Bergman's at bat on ABC's Monday Night Baseball against the Blue Jays just one example of their rivalry in the 80's that were awesome....two series against NL is all they need

  2. I'm saying cut it. Get rid of it. Make it go away.

    the all star game and the world series used to be special. now, it's just the next weekend of interleague play.