Monday, May 2, 2011

A Boring Post About Football Cards

First; I snagged these two 2010 Topps Magic Game-Used Jersey cards from eBay. The Moss is serial #13/25 and the Bush is #01/25. That's right, numero uno! Not that I give a rats ass about that. I am just happy to have one of the 25 in existence. The pair set me back about $23 bucks. I am trying to build the set, and I have a want list up over to the right if anyone cares.

Second; My softball team got slaughtered tonight. The score was something like 20 - 4 in 4 innings. It was a mercy rule bludgeoning. I got two dang at bats. Two. 2/2 with a triple. I don't mind getting beat, but I absolutely hate losing.

Third; How can the Detroit Tigers be struggling to hit Bartolo friggin Colon? I bet Brandon Inge has a sore elbow from check swinging so much.

Fourth; I am still really proud of my country. We don't always do the right thing. We have a giant mish-mash of people with every type of opinion about anything, and sometimes we seem to get a bit mean spirited towards each other. This country is strong because we have freedom and a live-and-let-live way of life. I am proud to be an American today... and almost every day. Almost.

Fifth; I just ate a big bowl of steamed broccoflower. A sprinkle of salt on top, and yum. The sewingmachinegal and I have been working Body For Life by Bill Phillips since January. Neither one of were in bad shape per se, but we both wanted to be healthier. The BFL way has been fun, challenging, invigorating, and effective. It ain't a diet. It's a way of being healthy. If ya want to know more, hit me with an e-mail.

Sixth; The sewingmachinedog is snoring up a storm after the tennis ball session I just had with her.

Thanks for stopping by. Peace.

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