Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Autographed Set Suggestions

2010 Topps Peek Performance Andy Oliver Auto #PPA-AOL

I like to build sets. Not so much complete sets, like say 1979 Topps baseball. Inserts sets, like the 2008 Goudey Graphs set, or the Topps 206 Framed Relics set. I am two cards from completing the 2006 UD Artifacts Auto-Facts set. The Dontrelle /50 is on it's way. I was wondering why I had never seen one, now I know, there are only 50. One popped up on eBay yesterday. It was listed as a regular auction. I contacted the seller and asked him to re-list with a BIN, and he did. Thanks to Tim over at GSNHF and his effort, the white whale of the set, the Chris Duffy /5 may be headed my way. I won't count my chicken before it hatches out of a bubble mailer. I am chipping away at a couple of relic sets currently, the 2010 Topps Magic and 2005 Origins. What I am looking for is my next autographed set to chase. I kind of want the next set to be a baseball set, and have on-card auto's. I took a good long look at Goodwin, but there are a bunch of oddball auto's. National Chicle is a maybe. I want a set that isn't impossible because of print run or financial output. A set that has todays players with legends sprinkled in would be best. Anybody got any suggestions?


  1. The America's Pastime Signatures from Ultimate Collection a few years (2007?) ago is a really nice looking set - but if memory serves, they may be sticker autos.

  2. Not sure if they are on card or on clear stickers but a always see scans of 2006 Greats of the Game autos and they look great. The Nickname theme is kind of cool too.