Wednesday, May 11, 2011

He Played a Lot of Games in a Row. Yawn.

2005 UD Origins Authentic Memorabilia PB-CR
                                     Alan Trammell           Cal Ripken
Games                                     2300                      3000
Hits                                          2365                      3184
Hits/Game                              1.028                      1.061
OBP.                                         .352                       .340
ExtraBaseHits                         652                        1078
EBH/Game                               .28                          .36
Steals                                        236                          36
 Runs                                         1231                       1647
Steals+Runs/Game                  .64                          .56
RBI                                           1003                      1695
RBI/Game                                .436                        .565

Why do I torture myself? How come every set I build requires a card of Ripken? Why does the sewingmachinegal always say, "he has pretty eyes." OK, I admit, the guy had a great career. What bugs the crap outta me is the, "Cal is the only shortstop to play the position from 1980 until 2000" guy. The guy played a lot of games in a row. Big deal. The consecutive games streak is the most over rated stat in the history of Major League baseball. I guess I am a bit anti-Cal because there were seasons in which Alan Trammell deserved the start at short in the All-Star game, but was slighted because Cal is handsome, plays everyday, hits a few home runs, rescues kittens, revives the dead...
Anyway, if the Hall-of-Fame voters do the right thing and vote Alan Trammell in, I will be less pissed at Cal. It's how my mind works. 
The Ripken card was an eBay score. One of the three short prints (Gwynn and Ryan), I snagged it for $15 bucks shipped. I hate forking over dough for Ripken cards.


  1. I agree completely that Cal Ripken is the most overrated player from the 1980s. During my first go around around collecting he was just another star, on the same level as Dale Murphy and Eric Davis. Now he become some type of legendary icon. He was a great shortstop, but thank you for putting his career numbers in perspective.

  2. That's why I build very few actual sets. The though of actually NEEDING a Phillies card disgusts me. haha

  3. Cal's numbers (per game) would actually look a lot better if they quit playing him when they should have...except for the d@mn streak, that is.

  4. Well, If you absolutely must get rid of the Cal GU above, send me an email so we can set up a deal!