Friday, April 29, 2011

My Incredible Luck and the Scrub Auto's

I have been to two different card shops the past two days. Rookie's in Lowell Michigan and Legends Sports and Games in Lansing.

Four packs of Gypsy Queen from each place. Rookies charged me a whopping $6.50 per pack, while Legends only dinged me for $4.50 apiece.

Yesterday, I opened the first four packs, and pulled an autographed card of Cub Andrew Cashner. Awesome! "Didn't have to buy a whole box to get an auto", I thought.
Today, the four packs from Legends. "What the hell!? Another Cashner auto?" I bellowed.

A quick scan of eBay shows SIXTEEN auto's available. This product just came out a couple of days ago. There are already SIXTEEN freekin auto's of this guy up for auction? Something is screwy here. Could it be that the guaranteed second auto is some scrub of a Cub? A quick check of Baseball Reference shows this guy has not pitched in the majors after being drafted back in 2006. Great.

The rest of the packs netted me a David Price framed card #/999, a red back mini of Johnny Mize, a Pujols base, and ZERO Detroit Tigers. 80 cards and ZERO Tigers for a Tigers fan.

I will have a bit of a review and some scans up later. Peace.


  1. Cashner won the 5th starting spot out of ST this year and then got hurt. And he actually pitched relief in 53 games last year in the majors and that he was drafted in 2008.

  2. @ SM ~ Ha! I guess you can't believe everything you read on the web. Cashner is still a scrub.

  3. There's been a big uproar of the same players/teams making a big dent in the autos/relics pulled so far (A's, Cubs, Rangers, Yankees).

  4. Mooss beat me to it. Cashner is no superstar, but he's not exactly a scrub either. Has a solid future as a starter ahead of him, considering he's only 24. I advise holding onto one of the autos and giving the other one to me. :)