Thursday, April 14, 2011

I Am Still Here

Hey everyone...
I have been on vacation for the past nine days. While I was gone, a few bubble mailers made it to my porch.
First, the 2006 UD Artifacts Auto-Facts card of Marcus Giles. This is the first one of these that I have seen since I started building this set last Fall.
Next, a couple of PSA graded cards. 1968 Topps Al Kaline graded 8, and a 1981 Sweet Lou graded Gem 10.
While away, the sewingmachinegal and I took in a game at Chase Field. The Cincinnati Reds behind a great game from Bronson Arroyo beat the home D-Backs. The weather was a bit cool, so the roof was closed.
I found time to hit a sports card shop in Phoenix. The Batter's Box is the oldest in town. The guys working there were very helpful. I knocked off four of the big boys from my 79 want list.
The rest of our trip out west was spent hiking around Sedona.


  1. welcome back.
    while you were gone I busted a box of '09 UD Heroes football and pulled a Calvin Johnson Jersey /50 and a Calvin Johnson Jersey /15

    if you're still a Lions fan that is....

  2. @ CC ~ Niiiice pulls. I am keeping my eyes open for any nice Cowboys or Braves. A trade is imminent.

  3. I went to the game the night before you did. let me know next time you are this way.