Saturday, April 16, 2011

3 Pack Round-Up (2011 Heritage)

I am perilously close to declaring a 2011 Heritage set building project. I have bought a few blaster boxes, and some random hobby packs. The stacks on my desk are calling me to organize and see how close I am to a set. I have bought Heritage in the past, but for some reason, this years offering is striking a chord with me.

I stopped in to Legends Sports at Woodland Mall yesterday to grab some top-loaders, and other supplies. For the first time since I have done business with Legends, the staff was helpful, not dick-ish, and actually pretty cool. I have been harsh in my criticisms of them in the past, and want to make special mention about Jeff. He was really nice about helping me with my '79 wants. I grabbed 3 packs of Heritage too. The results.

Pack 1)
BF-9 Robinson Baseball Flashbacks
209 Andrew Romine
414 Jarrod Dyson
463 Bob Green (SP)
260 Matt Cain
303 Daric Barton
263 Rangers Danger (Hamilton & Cruz)
228 Marlon Byrd
346 Felix Hernandez
Pack 2)
24 Detroit Tigers Team
286 Ozzie Guillen
422 Kendry Morales
423 Fear the Beard (Brian Wilson & Buster Posey)
78 Freddie Freeman
100 David Price
208 Rickie Weeks
232 2010 World Series Game 1
153 Marco Scutaro
Pack 3)
399 Roy Halladay
5 Clayton Kershaw
270 Ronny Cedeno
185Mariano Rivera
BF-7 Killebrew Baseball Flashbacks
251 Texas Rangers Team
256 Ruben Tejada
90 Julio Borbon
323 Jon Jay

Not too bad. A few all-stars, a couple of inserts, and one short print. I will probably have a want list posted sometime. Peace.

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