Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I Feel Like Manute

1991 NBA Hoops #522

No, not 7 feet tall. Disgusted by something and wanting to shield my eyes from it.

The NBA. The brand of basketball. The style of play. The six or seven decent teams. It sucks. Why do I want to watch eight guys stand around, while one guy waits for the shot clock to wind down to make his move to the hoop, only to have a whistle blown for a questionable hand check, and then sit through a couple of free throws?

I have watched a total of about 15 minutes of NBA action this year. That's on top of the approximately 15 minutes I watched last year.

Part of my problem with the NBA is; my Detroit Pistons stink. They stink like the old pair of Reebok Pumps that I have in the back room that I use for yard work. The Pistons are a crappy roster of has-beens, never was-es, and never will be's. Back in 2004, I must admit, I watched. The Pistons had a roster of under-rated players, and fought their way to a title. I doubt we will ever see something like the 06 Pistons again.

There is a great article in todays Detroit News about the NBA. Bob Wojnowski lays out exactly what I have been feeling about the league. You can see the full article here. Here's my favorite quote from the piece; "This is today's lopsided NBA, where the best players pick their spots and most teams just hope to find a draft prize."

You won't see me buying any basketball cards in the near future.

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  1. I gotta say I agree. My hometown Bobcats are mediocre at best. At times its fun to watch, but mostly I just flip on the game for background noise while I work on something else. Even with MJ owning the team I highly ever doubt Charlotte or any other small market team has a chance to land a high profile player and or really be competitive w/ the New Yorks, Bostons or Miamis.