Thursday, February 24, 2011

Flywheels Delivers Again

I am a big fan of the group break. Often, I get cards from sets that I have never bought cards from. Colbey of Cardboard Collections hosts a very budget friendly break. I signed up for the Detroit Tigers, and as an ode to my long lost brother, the Pittsburgh Pirates. A couple of brands that I never bought or collected. Opee-Chee and Topps Total. Both are produced with very thin card stock.
Upper Deck Elements. Very cool! Oh how I long for an Upper Deck baseball license. How can the designers of some of my favorite baseball cards of all-time be relegated to Hockey and Collegiate cards? It blows. MLB and Topps... listen up... this situation blows.
Quite possibly the most dominating player of my lifetime. Rickey Henderson is close, as is Jr. Bonds is an enigma. I figure someday, the 'roid era players will get in the Hall-of-Fame, and his cards will take an uptick in value. Quick stat; in 2004 Barry was walked TWO HUNDRED AND THIRTY TWO times! 232! Just sit with that for a minute. 232.
I am a big Turkey Red fan. I am close to completing the 2007 TR set. There is a want list over to the right. I wish the Tigers could get Granderson back. He'd make a solid left fielder.

Thanks for hosting another fun break Colbey. Peace.

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