Saturday, February 12, 2011

The .25cent Bin Gives Joy

I was at the mall tonight. There is a card shop there. It has mostly overpriced stuff. They have a REGULAR price, and a special MEMBERS ONLY price. For $10 bucks a year, you can get stuff for less than the average Joe. Problem is; the special members price is higher than the other three shops in town. They have a great location, but the rent they pay must force them to gouge us. They have a free-standing shelving unit with about 20 shoe boxes on it. Each box reads, ".25 cent Cards". They have a little kids table near the shelf. There are coloring books, crayons, and stuff to keep lil buggers occupied while us big kids mess around with sports cards and memorabilia. I planted myself at the kids table and started sifting through the boxes. There was an all-star team from the 'roid era mixed in... McGwire, Clemens, Juan Gonzalez, Bonds, Sosa. There were also a bunch of 80's stuff (I have tons of that, so I didn't pick any). Below is what I did bring home.

There you have it. I unfolded some wrinkled ones from my wallet, and was outta there. Sorry Legends, your prices for wax is just too damn high.


  1. I'm with you. I stopped going to Legends quite a while back. I'd rather give my business to a store that seems to appreciate my business. Where are the other two shops in town? I've only been to All-Star and Legends.

  2. BB's Sportscards. On Division just south of 44th. BB's has the lowest prices on stuff, plus the father and son are pretty nice guys. You won't find any MAgic the Gathering cards here.
    Rookies Sportscards in Lowell. Just east of Lincoln Lake on the main drag.

  3. Thanks. 44th and Division is pretty close.