Friday, January 14, 2011

Trade With Thorzul Recap

Last week, I completed a trade with fellow blogger Thorzul. I sent some Packers and Brewers cards to him for the Dmitri Young Patch/Auto here. Serial numbered to only 10 copies, this card is a great addition to my Tigers collection.

Dmitri Young is a prolific card and memorabilia collector. You can see a little bit about that here, and here.

The Blanton (#14/30) and the Chacin (#5/10) were recent eBay pick-ups. Although I am not going after the patch/auto set from 2006 Artifacts, I am adding a few of them if I can get them cheap enough, or trade for them. The set I am working on currently is the Artifacts Auto-Facts Signatures set. I have a want list posted over to the right. If you can help out, hit me with a message. Maybe we can work out a trade.

Happy Friday!

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