Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Tigers Need This 2nd Baseman

The Detroit tigers could really use a 2nd baseman. They are heading into the season without a legit 2nd sacker. The trade rumors surrounding Roberts have gone on for years. Dumbrowski should make an attempt to get this guy.

This 2006 UD Artifacts Auto-Facts card is the newest addition to my collection. #88/200. I am getting close to completing the 88 card set. I have a want list over to the right. If you have any of the cards I need, let me know and we can work out a trade.


  1. I love Brian Roberts--even more so living in Baltimore now--and while he is still an elite second baseman, that's only when he's healthy.

    If I were the Tigers an aging second baseman with a suspect injury history would not be on my list. I think we may have someone who fits that description already.

  2. got to agree...I'd stay clear of Roberts right now...back in his hey-day, of course, but that ship has sailed