Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday Night Mish-Mash

First a rant. Why do cars even have turn signals anymore? 90% of the jackballs driving around are oblivious to the rest of us that are on the roads. Set down the cheesburger fat ass, hang up your cell phone lady, use your damn blinker! There, I feel better.

I'm always on the look-out for nice looking autographed sets to collect. Heck, I'm on the look-out for nice looking sets period to collect. There is a lot of ugly crap out there. I have had a few of these 2009 Topps Stadium Club Beam Team auto's in my collection. They really look great. The stained glass style looks fantastic in hand. If these cards were on card auto'd, I would definitely start collecting the set. As they are stickered, nope.

I need to make a trade. Yes, need to. Need. I pulled off a deal recently with Tony over at Collector From Across the Pond. One of the cards in the package I got was this 2009 A&G Cliff Lee. As you can see, it has some writing on it. It's a chain letter type of card. As a trade is made, you are supposed to sign it and write where you're from. So far, this thing has been to Newport Wales, Westgate UK, Seymour TN, New London OH, Dublin CA, Calgary Can., and now Grand Rapids MI. Where will this card end up next? Do you have a cool, odd, old, rare, auto'd, serial number3ed, or other Detroit Tiger or Lion to trade? Let me know. We can work out a deal, and the Lee will be on to another town or country.


  1. I don't know, the sticker looks good with stained glass.

  2. Yeah, I don't really mind the shiny sticker on the Beam Team cards (I just got my second Twins card today). They are a neat looking card,but I've found that unfortunately they don't translate well to 9-pocket pages, where the light isn't shining through the backs.

  3. Speaking of rants... I'll take a "non-blinker user driver" any day... over the "i get onto the freeway going 35mph, so i can get fuji rear ended" driver.

    I almost died this morning, because some fool doesn't know how to accelerate and merge onto the freeway. There... thanks for letting me vent.

    Now... onto the cards... I'm a huge fan of those stain glassed cards... and I agree 100%... they should have given the players silver sharpies and let the sign the cards, instead of stickers.

  4. I have a couple of those autos...a CJ Wilson I got in a trade and a John Lackey ( I think ) that I pulled in a retail pack. They would look nice with a silver sharpie auto.