Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Finished Project

Here's the finished project for my Grandson. I am working on a Packers one for my buddy the Pack Hack. I will show it off when I'm done with it.

Also, check out the work over at Night Owl's perch. Kind of a fun look back at card design over the years.


  1. Nicely done. I like the inclusion of the cartoon player from -- 1960?

  2. That's great. I sure have a lot of dupes that I could use for something similar. Wonder if I'll ever do it though.

  3. Reminds me when I was a kid and my "scrapbooking" back then I don't recall it being called scrapbooking I don't think they had a specific term/hobby for it in the early 70s. You would just cut and paste pictures into notebooks or photo albums. I used to just take photos from magazines and newspapers and tape or glue them onto regular notebook pages and maybe put into a 3-ring binder/notebook. I would also put cards or parts of cards into them also. One thing I recall doing is to cut the baseball caps off of the cards and past that on the page. I think I also tried to do that with football helmets but they were more difficult to cut out, and harder to match onto whatever I was putting it on. Sometimes onto another card or a picture. I was just a little kid at the time so it wasn't very organized.