Sunday, November 7, 2010

Miserable Lions Lose

Today I watched a great game for 57 minutes. Then the usual Lions showed up. Stupid penalties, atrocious play calling, horrendous clock management, "Glass Matt" Stafford injured again, the prevent defense. A hard fought game ended in OT with Santonio Holmes catching a long pass setting up a field goal. I didn't even have money on the Lions and their 3 1/2 point spread to soften the blow. All I got for my effort was a stomach ache. Really, the Lions gave me a queesy ache in the middle of my body. I kind of thought they had turned the corner towards respectability. The Jets and their rotund dick of a coach should be thankful for the gift they received today.

Rather than look for a football card of moronic Julian Peterson, I grabbed my Red Hot Rookie #8 and redeemed the code. Hopefully Strasburg comes back strong.


  1. Tough loss... not just for you... but a bunch of teams today. Cardinals fans... Chiefs fans... Colts fans... and Bills fans are all suffering tough loses.

    Sometimes it's easier to deal with a blowout loss... like for me... it was over for the Seahawks after the first quarter.

  2. I almost lost it when he hit that guy out of bounds with 40 seconds left...

    and what about the officials? 3 penalties for chop blocking, none of which were actual penalties.

    the officiating in the NFL is at an all time low. The guys doing the packers/cowboys game were even worse.