Saturday, November 27, 2010

Beer and Bubble Mailers

What could be better than a couple of bubble mailers, and a cold brew? I have a World Market near my house. They let you build-a-6 pack. One of these, one of those, one of that. It's a cool way to buy brew without having to buy a whole sixer of something that may be stale, or just taste like crap. In my latest sixer, I added an "Old Speckled Hen". A 5.2% English Ale. This beer has a rich malty taste. A nice strong beer-ish taste, really bold flavor.

While sipping this delicious brewski, I tore into a couple of mailers. Both contained a couple of eBay scores. Both are from the 2006 UD Artifacts Auto-Facts set that I am working on. First, Griffey Jr. #'d 218/800. Second, Aaron Miles #'d 396/494. What kind of a weird number is 494? 800 is a nice round number, 494 ain't.


  1. Love the Griffey! Love the old speckled hen more though! One of my favourite beers.

  2. I've never liked beer... forced myself to drink it, but never acquired the taste. I was the guy who nursed a beer for the whole night (doing shots in between).

    Now cards... that's another story... I appreciate a fine looking card... and that Griffey sure looks sweet. Nice mailday.