Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Football Cards and Me

I am a baseball card collector. Yeah, I have Football, Basketball, Hockey, Mork & Mindy, Wrestling, Golf, and tons of other stuff, but I mostly have baseball.

Every year, about this time, when new football cards are released, I get suckered in. I buy some packs. Soon, I quit buying. Tired of getting cards of guys that will never see the gridiron. You see, in football, if a guy sucks, he's done. In baseball, he can hang around for years, maybe a decade or more. One can become a collector of guys like Brandon Inge, Juan Pierre, Mike Gallego, and build a cool collection. In football card collecting, one does not have as many options. It's more likely that one could start a collection of a favored player, and have said player blow a knee and never be heard from again.

I will continue to buy football cards, stash them away, and years later, find a card like this 1970 Fred Biletnikoff, and say cool. I just won't buy football cards in quantities like I buy baseball cards.

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