Wednesday, August 18, 2010

250th Post...Finally.

250 posts. Thanks for coming back to my blog. I should have some grand amazing awesome contest or something, but I don't. Writing about sportscards, when one isn't doing much cardboarding, is kind of lame. The National came and went. I enjoyed some posts about it.
The whole Topps exclusive baseball card thing sucks royally.
What have I been up to? I was on vacation for 11 days. Me and the sewingmachinegal (pictured) went to the Lighthouse Coast of Lake Huron. We golfed, hit the beach, read some books, took naps, and generally laid back and did nothing. I needed a vacation of chilling. It was great.
On the collecting front; I picked up a couple of cool 2010 Allen & ginter red boarder auto's. Ryan Perry (the new Matt Anderson) and Max Scherzer. Both from eBay for a couple of bucks each. Since the All-Star break, the Tigers have been awful. Teams are not pitching to Cabrera, and the rest of the line-up is struggling. Not fun.
I will get back in the swing of things when the weather cools off a bit.


  1. got the same cards plus one of Miguel pant card of the same subset....nice looking cards!...will try to stop by the shop to get the team fee for football fantasy to you this weekend or next week

  2. I got your package of random hockey cards yesterday... thanks!!!!!

  3. Man, I'm with you on the weather cooling off. I think we're on day 18 or 19 in a row of 100+ degree weather.

  4. Congrats on the 250th post! Yes...the weather needs to cool down!

  5. Way to go on #250! Glad to see you posting again.