Wednesday, July 7, 2010


That's how I have been feeling lately about collecting. I don't know what a Gint-a-cuff is. I miss Upper Deck Baseball. Topps offerings are ridiculously priced. I find myself in the dog days of Summer. And it's only July.
I pulled off a trade with Capn Canuck. That brought a bit of joy. These five 82 kellogg's 3D cards move me a bit closer to finishing off the set. There is a want list over to the right if anyone has some of those to deal.
I went for a bike ride on the weekend of the 4th. Whenever I do one of these rides, I always stop at garage sales. I seem to get lucky on holiday weekends. This time, I found a big ziplock bag of cards for $2 bucks. There is an old Bowman Mattingly in there. I have not looked through the whole bag yet. Blah.
I go to eBay to see if anything catches my eye. Blah.
Collating my 79 set is boring.
Thanks for listening.

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