Wednesday, June 16, 2010

More Garage Sale Mish-Mash

Here we have a sampling of the kind of stuff I had to sort through in the monstrosity that was my $8 dollar garage sale find.

TOP ROW: 1991 Topps Desert Storm - Carpet Bombing
1994 Fleer Ultra MTv - Beavis and Butthead (buff 'n' stuff)
BOTTOM ROW: 1990 Classic WrestleMania - Rowdy Roddy Piper
1991 Impel Marvel - She Hulk
1991 Impel Paramount Star Trek - Shatner as Kirk (side note; my next door neighbor was a big sci-fi guy. I would say Star TRACK, just to annoy him.)
1992 Pro Set PGA Tour Card - Walter Morgan ON CARD AUTO! (side note; We used to have a Senior PGA event in West Michigan. The guy that sold me the cards could have had it signed there.

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  1. Mish-mash indeed! Those six people/characters would make quite an interesting dinner party.