Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Little Experiment

Today, I stopped by the Target in Jenison, MI. There were no Blasters of 2010 Bowman. Just a Retail box with 16 packs of cards in it. I pounced.
15 of the packs are now up on eBay for a BIN of $10 bucks with free shipping. You can see my listing here. I am just wondering how much I can make off these bad boys.
Didn't pull anything great from the one pack I opened.


  1. was there last week and happened to check....no 2010 Bowman but did pick up about 6 2009 packs of the Bowman draft picks...pulled a Logan Morrison auto....got a Cabrera and Ordonez chrome from the World tournament set

  2. I love hitting something cool, like an auto, from retail wax.

  3. did a little better with the packs I picked up from All-Star Sports last Thursday...talked with Dan Spoelma for a little while...splurged a little at first by picking up a Strasburg Bowman Chrome for $33...hemhawed on the remaining packs he had on 2007 Bowman draft picks and prospects he had left for $3.75 (12 packs)...I broke down and bought them...glad I did...3rd pack opened and I got the Heyward Chrome and two packs later got the Heyward gold regular parallel card ( the thicker stock one)....there were a few other decent prospects in the packs as well....felt better about spending the money on the packs after that....not sure if I spent too much on the Strasburg....figured I could spend a lot on packs and never get one....this way I at least got his first Bowman card...what do you think? too much? or a reasonable price

  4. @ Greg; great pulls with the Heywards. You're right about the gamble of buying packs. I bought a jumbo hobby pack of 2010 Bowman, $20 bucks, and bupkis. Better to spend 30 samoleons and get the card you desire. $33 is good for the chromey. Dan is a cool dude. He's always friendly towards me... unlike those pricks at Legends.