Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Little Experiment. The results.

Last week I put 15 packs of retail 2010 Bowman up on eBay. $10 bucks a pack with free shipping. A Few days passed and no takers. I lowered the price to $9 bucks. More days passed.

I started opening the packs.

I guess these were not as sought after as I had hoped.

(No, I didn't pull a Strasburg.)


  1. wow... is it that crazy there? Hobby packs are $4 at my LCS.
    Haven't bought any though... all I want is Heyward and I know I wouldn't pull one.

  2. the Strasburg was in one of the packs you sold! :)

  3. anyone noteworthy that you pulled?

  4. Nah. A purple Iglesias, and a couple of Posey cards.