Friday, June 11, 2010

Kobe and Sheed

Sifted through more garage sale cards.
Found these beauties.
First; 1997/98 Skybox NBA Hoops Airlines Kobe Bryant. From what I can determine, these cards were inserted 1:360 packs. Not too shabby for an $8 dollar mass of cards sitting in some dudes driveway.
Second; 1995 signature Rookies Rasheed Wallace Serial Numbered 1 of 5000. No, it's not card number one. It is one of the 5000 of these out there. Still cool. When Sheed went Sheed last night in the 4th quarter, I had flashbacks. What a loose canon he is.


  1. nice find. That Kobe is worth the price of the lot and them some. Being from Portland, it's kind of hard for me to get excited about a Sheed card, but it's stil a cool card with him in a UNC jersey.

  2. I envy you having a box like that to just sift through and find hidden gems like those you have shown so far.