Thursday, June 24, 2010

It's Gotta Be a Joke Now

The Starsburg AUTO 1/1 is at $999,999 bucks with 288 bidders.
Really? Is Strasburg himself bidding?
You can see the auction here.
I think there are bidders driving the price up. Guys with no intention of paying for it. We shall see.


  1. I finally found some packs of the 2010 Bowman yesterday at Target in Wyoming by Menards....went to Menards last night to get some stuff and decided to see if this Target had some of the Bowman like the ones you got from the Jenison my surprise there were about 15 packs left....I grabbed them....did get a regular Strasburg card, a gold refractor of some Oriental guy who is a Cub prospect and a few of the USA cards but no autograph

  2. the Strasburg auction is joke....a lot of bidders have low or even no feedback....this auction is a sham

  3. Nice 'get' with the Strasburg. I still don't have one.
    I looked at that auction an hour ago, there were 288 bids, then about 15 minutes ago, there were 217.

  4. I smell a huge lawsuit coming out of this.