Thursday, June 10, 2010

Garage Sale Goodness Part I

Back during Memorial weekend, I came across a huge find at a garage sale. I have been slowly sifting through the boxes. They are a huge cluster you-know-what. The guy that had them, more or less, threw cards into boxes when he was done looking at them. Every card is upside down and backwards from the previous card. To add more work to the sorting process, there are cards of all 4 major sports, and Hockey. There are Desert Storm cards, Pro Set Golf cards, Comic Book cards, Garbage Pail Kids cards, and many other oddball cards.
This morning, I will feature a couple of cards from the find.
First; 2006 Donruss Playoff/ Score Derrick Burgess Artists Proof card #12/32
Second; 1990 Skybox Dennis Rodman (Larry bird getting boxed out)
A quick update on the eBay card I was going for recently. The 1954 Kaline rookie card, graded PSA 1 sold for $91.57. I did not think it would go that high. The winning bidder might be a shill, so I am going to keep my eyes open for this card re-appearing soon.


  1. Wait a second...

    "4 major sports, and Hockey"....?

    And what, exactly, is that supposed to mean?

  2. Ha! I figured that comment would get a rise out of my blogging brethren from the North. Just messin'...

  3. Oh, and now you assume I am from Canada just because I like hockey. See, it's people like....Just kidding. I'm just messing with ya. I'm actually south of you, I think, in Indiana.