Monday, May 31, 2010

What I have been Up To.

Shortly after the break, my computer took a dump. It is at the shop getting upgrades and some new USB's.
I have been working from my notebook. It's old and slow. It's not hooked to my scanner.

Hobby wise, not too much has been happening. I stopped by one of my local card shops, ALLSTAR Sports Cards. I picked up a few card storage and shipping supplies. At the check-out desk, they has a Jumbo Hobby Box of 2010 Bowman. Packs were $20 bucks. I grabbed one, hoping for a Strasburg or some other gem. It certainly was a gamble. My 'hit' was a refractor of Iglesias. I kind of felt like a stooge for paying $20 bucks for this pack. It was mostly base cards.
The guy at the counter told me that the cost per pack for the next box he opens will be $25 BUCKS! JEEZ! That's fucking nuts.

Saturday, I hopped on my bicycle and went looking for garage sales. I hope to find cards. Cheap cards. The first sale I stopped at was run by a Hispanic woman that just smiled kindly after I asked her if she had any baseball cards. I rode around for about an hour. Stopping by 4 different sales with no luck. Heading back towards home, I spotted a scribbly cardboard sign pointing away from my house. I went for it. About 2 miles down was a sale. Sitting in the driveway were those 6 boxes. Thoughts of jackpot raced through my head. I sifted through a box. Finding mostly junk wax, I settled on a small stack of about 50 cards. I went to the folding card table to pay. The dude looked at me and smirked. "You can have those". I asked "how much for all of them?" "7 bucks". Sold. I rode home, hopped in the GP and headed back there to pick them up. Last night, I started sifting through the boxes. I found the cards to be a huge mish-mash of baseball, football, basketball, and hockey. With some oddballs mixed in. Desert Storm, Garbage Pail Kids, Mad, Classic 4 Sport, and other oddities. I will blog about this find this week when I get my scanner up and running. So far, the coolest card I have found... a 1968 Carl Yaztrezemski. It's creased, but it's a great old card.

Thanks Vets.

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  1. I love scores like that, it's like opening an s-load of old packs. If you come across any Mets or Yankees you don't want let me know and don't forget to enter my contest.