Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday Pack Break

It's Sunday evening. What better time to sip on a Widmer and bust some wax. Yes, real wax. 1990 Donruss wax. I was at Target today. No loose packs of Chicle. Or anything else I wanted to plunk down $2.99 on. Down in my man room, I have a wicker basket of packs that I have been hoarding for years. Closing my eyes, and reaching in, I pulled a pack of orange goodness... sealed with wax. Oh yes. 16 cards and a puzzle piece.

Classic early nineties design here. If you click on the image, you can se a bit of Mel Hall's Jehri Curl dripping out from under his helmet.
These reddish-orange cards are flimsy feeling. Behind the image is a bit of artsy paint speckles. The player name at the top, in a script-ish font, major headache for me. As I have said before, I like my player names at the bottom for ease of sifting.

The haul; Checklist, 51 Jeff Ballard, 134 Jeff Robinson, 140 Robby Thompson, 213 Lance Parrish, 218 Kevin McReynolds, 326 Bob Boone, 340, Oddibe McDowell, 477 Juan Agosto, 593 Jerald Clark, 597 Gary Redus, 598 Mel Hall, 602 Terry Kennedy, 607 Rance Mulliniks, 637 Terry Steinbach, 674 Pedro Guerrero
Yaz was great.
A quick Group Break mention. There are three teams available; Twins, White Sox, and Royals. If you're interested, click on the header above and get in on the action.

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  1. Nothing beats old wax. I love buying boxes, displaying them, and opening pack or two on a rainy day... like my own little card shop. It sounds like your man room is a little bigger than mine, though! Still... a wicker basket seems out of place. No worries, though - my man room also serves as a storage room for a bunch of stuffed penguins... and Christmas ornaments.

    It's too bad Donruss couldn't put out a card set in the early '90s as nice as their wrappers.