Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Shortstop

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From 1978 until 1996, the Detroit Tigers had one of the greatest shortstops of the era. Arguably a Hall-of-Famer. Alan Trammell was a great fielder (4 gold gloves) and a very good hitter (career OPS .767). Since that time, a parade of youngsters and vets have tried to hold down the most important position on the field.
I Who's Who of average or below average players.
Deivi Cruz
Orlando Miller
Shane Halter
Ramon Santiago
Omar Infante
Carlos Guillen
John McDonald
Edgar Renteria
Adam Everett
See what I mean? We (yes, I am one of those guys that says 'we' when referring to his favorite team) are in year 15 of trying to find an everyday shortstop. Watching Adam Everett try to flail away at pitches is total frustration.

Down on the farm, the Tigers might finally have the answer. Brent Dlugach. Don't know the pronunciation yet. Dlugach has pop in his bat and led the league in fielding last season. With a rookie second baseman, I don't think the Tigers are ready to call him up. Dlugach is off to a slow start this season at Toledo. I see him picking it up as the season progresses.

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