Saturday, May 22, 2010

Legendary Cuts ~ Just the Hits

5 serial numbered cards.

A 1 of 1 Cole Hamels card. The Carew/Kendrick card is great. As is the Reggie/Jeter.

I thought the 2 Marlins were for Charles, but they are actually for me, the Tigers fan.

Iike, how's this Stan? :) Great cards of Bo, Morgan and Murray. I will random off the Killebrew/Big Hurt.
I had a blast opening these packs. Although there were no auto's, the 4 relics per box was fun. Sooz, you hit it big with this product. Congrats.
Thanks to everyone that participated.


  1. Wow, that was brutal. Two Marlins hits, which Marlins uniforms and all, and they're both Tigers? That's some crap luck...just like, true story, having a t-shirt from a baseball game t-shirt gun land in your hands and having it ripped out by a freakish looking gollum...this actually happened tonight and then you had to sucker punch me with the Marligers. Oh well, sometimes you eat the bar...thanks for running the box break, I guess.

  2. The Santana has a NY logo with a twins uniform too.

  3. I was noticing the Johan was a Met when I was putting up the scans.

  4. So my only 'hit' is leaving through the Mets.

    Was fun, I guess.

    Thanks still for the break, great job.

  5. You might get the Killebrew/Thomas. I will random it off later. Good luck.

  6. Ike says Stan's the Man! Our best hit ever in a group break!

  7. Thanks so much for running the break!