Friday, May 14, 2010

Hopped on the Bowman Bandwagon

Grabbed my first pack of 2010 Bowman hoping to hit an Austin Jackson auto or settle for a Strasburg or Heyward auto. 10 cards per pack. With a cup of milk and 4 double stuffed Oreo's here we go...

Rips away;
4 base cards; Zimmerman, Daisuke, Bumgarner, and Davis. Some really clear action shots. Player names on the bottom left are great for me. As I sift a stack of cards, lower left is where I like to see the name.
2 inserts; Andre Ethier BT90. Ubaldo Jimenez/Tyler Matzek Bowman Expectations. The Ethier looks like a card from the 90's.
2 Chrome 1st Bowman; Jason Christian and Welington Dotel.
2 Base 1st Bowman; Alexander Torres and Bo Bowman. really, his name is Bowman.

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