Sunday, May 2, 2010

Group Break Update

Hi Breakers, and prospective breakers.
The May break of Icons was great. Thanks to Paul at Carl Crawford Cards for organizing, busting, posting, and reviewing the break.
We have scheduled a June break of 5 boxes of 2008 Upper Deck Legendary Cuts baseball cards (from DA CardWorld). We will also be busting a retail box of UD Series II. If we get all the teams filled, I will throw in a hobby box 0f 2009 Bowman Chrome.
I was hoping for a greater response from our May breakers. Some of you have committed, or de-committed, but I have not heard from many. I was planning to give until May 14th for the May Breakers to join this June break. I am moving the join date up to May 7th. This extra week will hopefully, give us more time to fill all the spots.
If you participated in the May break, and want in, or out, let me know as soon as possible so I can either hold the spot for you or open it up.
There are some amazing cards in the legendary Cuts set. You can see the checklist here. If we are lucky enough to pull a non-baseball card, we will random it off.
The break will be video'd and posted to youtube.

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  1. I'm still in for June. I'm kinda broke from a card show this weekend (witch you can read a little bitabout every day for the next week here and even enter a contest)(shameless plug) but I will still try to come up with the $$ for Legenday Cuts by Friday. I still need every single Red Sox SP from the set.