Thursday, April 29, 2010

Short Last Names

Four letters each. Foxx and Cano. The two newest additions to my 2009 206 Framed Relic set. In picking up the Foxx, I now have 2 of the four legends from the set. Babe and Jackie await. Total price $36.75, includes shipping.
I am really liking the looks of the Polar Bear versions of these cards. The white border really looks sharp. Of course, they are the toughest to find.
The Old Mill versions are my least favorite. The brown border does not do it for me.
I am chipping away at this set. If anyone has one of these to deal, let me know.
The checklist; (Reds are the ones I have)
FR-1 Alex Rodriguez
FR-2 Ryan Howard
FR-3 David Wright
FR-4 Albert Pujols
FR-5 Evan Longoria
FR-6 Chipper Jones
FR-7 Carlos Beltran
FR-8 Ichiro
FR-9 Hanley Ramirez
FR-10 Carl Crawford
FR-11 David Ortiz
FR-12 Nick Markakis
FR-13 Michael Young
FR-14 Hideki Matsui
FR-15 Ryan Braun
FR-16 Robinson Cano
FR-17 Miguel Tejada
FR-18 Phil Hughes
FR-19 Cole Hamels
FR-20 James Loney
FR-21 Brian McCann
FR-22 Ty Cobb
FR-23 Jimmie Foxx
FR-24 Babe Ruth
FR-25 Jackie Robinson

A quick update on the jackball that had the Jackie Robinson framed relic with a reserve style auction. The auction ended last night, With three hours to go, I sent him another message (because he had still not responded to my original message). Again asking what the reserve price is. No response again. The auction ended without anyone reaching the reserve. What a douche...

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  1. Nice! I love the framed relics from this set. They "fit" better than the Allen & Ginters, and I like the various borders.