Thursday, April 1, 2010

Panini Public Relations? Legit!

I got this e-mail Yesterday.Being April Fools Day, and having already been burned by numerous bloggers, and doing a thorough investigation (pfff), I was convinced that this message was bogus as hell. It seems as though I was mistaken.

"We are currently updating the Panini Hobby Media List and it appears you may not currently be receiving press releases and product information from us.

If you are interested in being added to the Panini Hobby Media List, please reply to confirm this email. Also, if you would like to be considered to receive boxes and products samples for review, please provide us a mailing address below.



ADDRESS (no PO Boxes)


And finally, if you ever need information about any Panini products, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Regards, Some Guy"


  1. I got that email, or rather something similar, but I got it last week, not today.

  2. P.S. Why do you think it's bogus?

  3. I Topeka'd the phone number. It comes back with some mass marketing BS.

  4. It's legit. I've been on the list for awhile. I believe they have a PR person who actually takes note of blogs and tries to get their press releases out to them. I'm not really a "news" guy with my blog, but I do find it interesting and may post the occasional sample images as long as they're not Kobe Bryant (which most of the basketball ones are.)

  5. I got the same e-mail too. Like Madding said, it's real for marketing purposes.

  6. I actually emailed them back to ask...they said it was legit, and understood and the April Fools Day-ness.

    So yay! We might get free stuff!