Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New Addition, New Contract

When I got home tonight, I had a bubble mailer waiting. I cracked open a Roscoe's Hop House Amber Ale, and tore it open.
The newest addition to my 2009 206 Framed Relic set, Ryan Howard. The swatch has a bit of stitching and looks great. Price, $6.25 shipping included.
By the way, I wish I had not given up on baseball in the latter stages of High School. With the money being thrown at athletes these days, I coulda been a millionaire. Well, maybe a thousandaire.
The checklist; (Reds are the ones I have)
FR-1 Alex Rodriguez
FR-2 Ryan Howard
FR-3 David Wright
FR-4 Albert Pujols
FR-5 Evan Longoria
FR-6 Chipper Jones
FR-7 Carlos Beltran
FR-8 Ichiro
FR-9 Hanley Ramirez
FR-10 Carl Crawford
FR-11 David Ortiz
FR-12 Nick Markakis
FR-13 Michael Young
FR-14 Hideki Matsui
FR-15 Ryan Braun
FR-16 Robinson Cano
FR-17 Miguel Tejada
FR-18 Phil Hughes
FR-19 Cole Hamels
FR-20 James Loney
FR-21 Brian McCann
FR-22 Ty Cobb
FR-23 Jimmie Foxx

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