Friday, April 9, 2010

A Morning A & G Quickie

Thanks to fellow Tiger fan, RoofGod, I was tipped off to the deal at Meijer (the regional big box store) on 2009 Allen & Ginter's Blaster Boxes. I was there yesterday picking up a few odds and ends and spotted the Blasters by the Opening Day display of baseball regalia.

$14.95 for 8 packs of 6 cards.

Pack one resulted in a typical A & G assortment. The mini I pulled is Black bordered and features the nerd that cracked the 08 code. I got an Electrical Engineer and an Indian Chief. Half the pack is non sports.

I am a big fan of retro styled cards. For some reason, one that I can't quite put my finger on, I have not tried to build one of these sets. The cardboard feel is what I like in a card. I suppose it's the menagerie of non-sports cards that are in the set. I remember back in 07 or 08, I bought a box of the stuff and my auto was of a Super-Computer, Big Blue. Yup, an auto of a computer (or maybe it was the dude that invented it). There is no doubt, these A & G cards are beautiful.


  1. nothing like a morning quickie!
    I resisted A and G for a while, but now I am hooked and I love the non-sports stuff! Give it time and you'll be hooked.