Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Quick Update

A few days ago, I wrote about an eBay seller that was selling thousands of autographed cards. Each card comes with one of his Wordpad created "Certificate of Authenticity" things. The famous words, "authentic to the best of our knowledge" are included in the fine print. After sending this guy 4 messages inquiring how he manages to get thousands of cards signed...he finally responded.

His answer; "Various Sources".

Thats it. Various sources. No other explanation. Nothing. Way to put forth some effort dork. I told the guy he had 4 cards I may buy, and he comes up with various sources.


  1. Didn't "various sources" bring down the Nixon administration? At least you know "they" are "reliable" according to this guy's Microsoft Paint COA.

  2. "Various Sources?" "Best of Our Knowledge?"

    Mr. Vague has specific-o-phobia.

  3. Does "various sources" mean he printed them on "various printers" or "various Kinkos"

  4. I guess you don't trust this guy.

  5. I have a question I hoped someone could answer for me. My father has a Roberto Clemente printing plate and he was wondering about how much it is worth. I've done some searches but can't find anything and he said that he's not surprised because they used to destroy them back in those days. I was hoping that maybe some of you more experienced collectors might know where I could find the answer if you didn't know already.


    I'll be checking back for a reply