Monday, March 15, 2010

Lopsided by Drew

Today, I received a jumbo manila envelope from Drew, famous blogger and Yankee fan. You have got to check out his collection of Cano's, Swishers, and other New York's impressive. His blog, simply called Drews Cards, is loaded with good stuff. Drew took tons of time and effort and hosted a year end awards series. It was a massive undertaking. Following the outcomes was fun. It's no surprise that he won 2009 Best Blog Design...dude puts a lot of effort in and it shows.

A few weeks ago, we worked out a trade for some 2010 Topps and some Goudey SP's.

I highly recommend trading with this guy. I was rewarded with an S load of Detroit Tigers, and a few Lions. The stack is huge (60 Cards). So I will show off a few of my favorites. Dude 'lopsided' me with this trade. I think I will submit the term to the Card-o-pedia for consideration. "I traded Drew 10 cards, and he lopsided me with 60 in return".

This 2005 Fleer Platinum card of Dmitri Young shows The Meathook truckin his way for an extra base.
The 2009 O-Pee-Chee Brandon Inge is simply one of the nicest looking cards I own. Inge made the All-Star game last season as the last man voted in. He has a huge fan base. Surprising since he is not either an outstanding hitter or fielder. I guess we love him because he has grown up in the organization and is a great guy in the community.
The 2009 Topp2 206 Miguel Cabrera Mini is one that I need for my new set. Cool.

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  1. Thanks for the plug dude, glad you liked the cards, tried to do the "equal value" thing.