Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I had a breakdown...

I was perusing eBay again. Searching for the last piece of my 08 Goudey puzzle. Once again, I found ricksazanka's store. This is the guy with thousands of autographed cards and 8X10's. Each item comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and a money back guarantee. I could not resist.

I am planning on a trip to a large card show in the near future. There are many players, current and retired, signing autographs. All of them for a fee... a hefty fee in most cases. Examples; Ernie Banks ~ $80, Andre Dawson ~ $60, Whitey Ford ~ $60. Add in the admission price and we have a hefty sum.

I got this Maz for $10 and this Niekro for $7. Both with free shipping. Seventeen bucks for 2 Hall-of-Famers is worth the gamble. I compared these auto's to other auto's from Certified items and they look legit. Who knows? They could be good forgeries. Someday, I will send them off to PSA for authentication. For now, I will consider them great additions to my Goudey autographed collection. The collection now numbers 68.

Now if I could just find that dang Jeter...

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  1. You did damn good for 17 bucks! I love that series of Goudey on card graphs... The cards look great and the sigs are nice. I am gonna start searching for that Maz for myself! Thanks again for the super generous package, I really appreciate it! CHEERS!!!!!