Tuesday, March 30, 2010

2 Million Bucks?

I like to check eBay for high priced stuff. I find it interesting to see what sellers think they can get for a card.

Here is an auction for a Derek Jeter 1/1 sketch card.

Dude has a BIN of 2 MILLION DOLLARS! Funny thing about it, no Best Offer option. He wants 2 Mill, and not a penny less. Ha!

Good luck pal. 


  1. Haha, I've seen that one before too. He's a wacko if he's serious about getting that kind of money. It's a pretty epic sketch card but definitely not that good.

  2. I'm almost willing to accept a blemish on my 100% positive feedback just to click buy it now, because I know someone out there will have their lunch in the back of their shorts.

    Actually, I'd be willing to get kicked off ebay for that. I'd save a ton of monies.

  3. Bad News for Ebay Sellers.

    Today was the first day of free postings under 99 cents on ebay (up to 100 a month - up from 5).
    Yesterday there were 207,000 Topps cards listed for sale. Today there is 1.5 Million listings for Topps cards.

  4. On my favorite card forum TCC there is a discussion about this auction. Someone mentioned that even the artist thinks the price is too high. But whatever. Price aside the thing that I find funny and very debatable is when he calls Jeter the greatest sportsman of Baseball History. Um what about guys like Babe Ruth, DaMaggio, Berra, a punk named Ted Williams, some guy named Hank Aaron. He maybe among the greatest 100 players on someones list, but not the #1 of all history. Come on guy. It's a nice portrait but it isn't great.

  5. Roy, I really like your idea! Perhaps we should open a new account just to buy that piece of crap...