Thursday, February 4, 2010

Turkey Reds

From the 4 packs of 2010 Topps that I picked up at the card shop tonight, I pulled 2 Turkey Red cards. A couple of All-Star 3rd basemen. David Wright and Evan Longoria. Solid.
I also got 2 versions of ToppsTown Lincecums, a Morneau Peak Performance, a "Yo Momma" 89 Sheffield, a couple of History of the Game inserts, and a slew of cards I didn't have already; Beckett, Greinke, Happ, Granderson, Pudge...
The more of this stuff I open, the more I like it. The set has life to it. Vivid is the word.


  1. I agree, the more I see the better they get. 2010 Topps seems to capture the old school feel with the modern crispness.

  2. I liked it from the start. The flaws I see in it are minor and don't bother me all that much. Is the Longoria available?