Friday, February 12, 2010

2010 Topps JUMBO PACK!

I absolutely am in like with this set. I reserve love for retro sets.

While at Meijer tonight, I grabbed a 36 card JUMBO rack pack at the checkout. Whats a delicious Stella Artois without some wax to rip?

The results; More beautifully designed base cards. I really think the designers put great deal of thought into what image would go with what color scheme of card. if I have one criticism, it's the chrome outlining on the player name. It's a bit hard to read. Iwamura is a Pirate? Huh.

I did get a couple of doubles that will find their way to the cheese state and become part of history. If you have not heard, fellow blogger, Thorzul, is building the complete set...the hard way. Check it out.

Peak Performance #26
- Joe Mauer (hard not to like this guy)

Yo Momma #116 - 1979 Ozzie Smith

Turkey Red #13 - Yovani Gallardo

History of the Game #23 - Some guy plays a lot of games in a row. Big deal.

Tales of the Game #20
- Jeter's Miraculous flip

Legendary Lineage #16 - Stan the Man and Pujols

A.L. Batting Average Leaders #8 - Mauer, Ichiro, Jeter

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  1. "Whats a delicious Stella Artois without some wax to rip?"

    Truer. Words. Never. Spoken.