Friday, January 22, 2010

A new card shop, to me.

While out and about in the great state of Michigan yesterday, I found myself in the home of the Wolverines, Ann Arbor.
There, I found a card shop. Stadium Cards and Comics was loaded with cards, memorabilia, comics...all kinds of good stuff. There was a huge rack of shelves in the middle aisle absolutely loaded with junk wax. There must have been two or three hundred different boxes. I didn't bite. What I did bite on was a few packs of Bowman. The ones with Porcello on the package.

The Results; I seem to be on a bit of a lucky streak lately with Bowman. Last week, I pulled an Allen Craig auto (which is now involved in a trade). This week, A Chris Johnson auto, numbered to 150! Also, a card of new Tiger, Phil Coke. As usual with 09 Bowman, we are inundated with WBC cards. The best card from that five-some, Chih-Hsien Chiang. I call him Cha-Ching...awesome!


  1. So, uh, what kinda junk wax? Was it 1989 Topps Batman Series II Movie Card junk wax or, like, 2008-09 UD COllector's Edge Hockey?

  2. There was scads of stuff from the late 80's/early 90's. I don't remember seeing any non-sports cards, but there may have been.I will be passing through there again in the next few weks. should i be on the look-out for Batman Series II cards?

  3. LOL, no... I was just making a funny. :)

  4. Ha! OK. Peace. Cool website by the way.