Monday, January 4, 2010

A book? Well, OK.

In this internet age, it is easy to forget the joy of a book. My awesome wife got me a book for Christmas.

"The Card" by O'Keefe and Thompson was a fascinating read. I found myself actually pulling away from the mouse to get my hands on the paper goodness.
It is so easy for me to jump around from blog to blog. Reading snippets about the hobby and sports. Navigating away from pop-ups and avoiding eye contact with fat burning ads can be tiresome.

This book gave me time to relax. It was more than a book about the unscrupulous underbelly of the high end collectibles market. Next to the Air Hog remote control helicopter, it was the best gift I received this Christmas.

This is the bookmark I used to hold my place each night. A 2009 Ticket to Boredom Redemption card. At one time, a baseball card came in a pack of smokes (If the tobacco companies start that again, I could have a bit of a problem). Now, I have to log on to the beast, navigate to a website, enter a bunch of personal information, and congratulations! Wait three to six months.

Thanks sew much for the book Sweetness.

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