Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Book Review

I would like to recommend a book. "Can't Find a Dry Ball" by Garret Mathews.

This book of 154 pages is a chronicling of an entire season of minor league baseball. From try-outs to seasons end. The chapters are broken up into days, so it's a quick read.

Mathews lives and travels with the Evansville Otters of the Independent Frontier League. The characters are colorful. The stories are vividly relayed to the reader with first hand quotes. There is a lot of spitting, cussing, long bus rides, and in game insights. These guys play for a million-to-one shot that they will get signed by an affiliated team.

If you like baseball, you will like this book. I do, and did.


  1. Excellent Read.
    One of my favorites. If you get the chance watch a player to be named later.. I have a copy if your interested. Very similar but different in so many ways.

    Also I just finished Away Games. This is a very good read as well, and documents Miggy Tejada and the latino side of the spectrum..


  2. O.K I got it packed. Treat it like netflicks when your done ship it back.