Thursday, December 10, 2009

White's as Snow

Living in West Michigan, I am subjected to periodic bursts of Lake Effect Snow. Winds whip across Lake Michigan, and dump mass quantities of snow on my driveway. Since Wednesday night, we have had about a foot of fresh beautiful white powder.
In honor of the white stuff, I present to you four Whites of the gridiron. After all, it's football weather!
Marsh White; NY Giants; 1977 Topps; Marsh had a short career (2 years). Scored 2 td's though.
Randy White; Cowboys; 1976 Topps; The Manster was one of my first memorable players. The Cowboys were on TV often, and he had a cool nickname. As you can see in the scan of this card, I had it tacked to something as a kid.
Sammie White; Vikings; 1977 Topps; I always liked, and still do, cards with All-Pro or All-Star designations. Had 51 grabs and 10 td's as a rookie. Solid.
Dwight White; Steelers; 1977 Topps; An overlooked member of the Steel Curtain, Dwight was a beast. The back of the card says, "A very aggressive and emotional player". This card of him sulking exemplifies that. Sheesh.

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